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Inkster Cares F.A.Q.:


What is Inkster Cares?

Simply put, Inkster Cares is about giving back. The entire Inkster brand is about Community Impact Apparel and who impacts our community more than non-profits? We partner with non-profits to produce unique, high-quality designs to promote the many causes of our community. In addition to donating 25% of all sales back to your organization, we also offer a full fledge promotional mix for all partners, including the free creation of video content. This is a great way to promote good people doing honest work, while still looking pretty cool doing it!


How much does it cost to sign up?

It doesn’t cost you a thing. It’s absolutely FREE to become an Inkster Cares partner. All you need to do is to sign up on our website at under the Cares Tab and we can start working together right away.


Can I be a Partner?

 Inkster Care is always looking for new non-profit partners to help out. If you would like to be considered or would like more information in general, please reach out to


How is this going to help my Non-Profit?

Inkster Cares is a unique and long-term promotional piece dedicated to the success of our partners.

Becoming an Inkster Cares partner entitles you to the following:

  • 25% profit of all shirts/products sold with your design
  • A team of graphic designers to help create/edit designs
  • A custom promotional video made by our videographers
  • 5 well-crafted blog articles detailing your organization’s work
  • A channel for distribution of your own PR materials
  • Promotion in our Philadelphia South Street store Location

If I don’t have a design, will you help me make one?

We sure will. Inkster has a team of dedicated artists who are always ready to help you adjust, edit, collaborate, or even create your new design. We want you to succeed in making your shirts look as good as possible, even if it means rolling up our sleeves a little!


What products do you sell?

We predominately sell t-shirts. The highest quality t-shirts to be specific. We also sell tote bags and hoodies so that from sun to snow you can rock your non-profit’s new designs.


How much money would we make?

You would make 25% of every item with your design on it that we sell.

Here’s what each product costs and what you’ll get:

T-Shirts cost $20 and you get $5.

Hoodies cost $35 and you get $8.75.

Totes cost $15 and you get $3.75.

These sales can add up quickly though, which is why it’s very important that you help us in promoting your new designs!


I’m a for-profit business, can I be a Partner?

Sadly no. That being said, if you would like to use Inkster to produce prints/designs for your business we do also offer a custom printing service. For more info on that feel free to reach out as well. 

  2. 530 S 4th St #1
  3. Philadelphia, PA 19147
Inksterinc is a T-shirt company based in Philadelphia that strives to provide a platform for a variety of artists to host their own shop. Created and run by illustrators and designers, we strive to serve the artistic community.