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Pokemon Design Showcase Part 3

By Duncan Thomas 2 years ago No comments

Looking for the newest designs coming from Inkster then look no further. Here is another design from sketch to finished product that is available online and in our store.

Pokemon Design Showcase Part 2

By Duncan Thomas 2 years ago No comments

As always our artists are still hard at work making new designs. Today we have a new set of designs to show off and more Pokemon to introduce you too.

Pokemon Design Showcase Part 1

By Duncan Thomas 2 years ago No comments

Our artists are always working on new designs for our customers. Today we are going to take a look at some new Pokemon Designs from one of our artists, Lina.

Pokemon Go: Movesets and Maximization

By Duncan Thomas 2 years ago No comments

In Pokemon Go there are many factors that go into what makes a Pokemon strong, and while things like CP and Health are fairly obvious the moves a Pokemon has are just as important, but also less clear. Here are some tips on finding the right moves for your Pokemon.

Pokemon Go: Looking Towards Generation 2

By Duncan Thomas 2 years ago No comments

Now that the initial fuss over Pokemon Go is slowing people are eager to see when 2nd Generation Pokemon will be added to the game. The addition of these Pokemon will hopefully bring a slew of additional features with it. The 2nd generation of games were notable for adding item based evolutions, breeding, and baby Pokemon, so it is likely that the breeding and egg system will come when they are added to the app.

New Pokemon has always meant more for the competitive scene also. An increase in the variety of Pokemon means that more move sets and type combinations that will appear in gyms. For many of the players used to the full 721 Pokemon roster of the DS games an extra 100 will be a great way to diversify their teams.

Even more is the addition of two more Eeveelutions. With Umbreon and Espeon join the crew but it will also make it more complicated to evolve your Eevee into the desired Eeveelution. It would be great to see them implement a system where they need to be evolved at certain times of day to mimic the day and night evolutions of the two.

Apr 22, 2016 11:52:38 PM

Overall the addition of more generations just means more of everything. Content, community, and hopefully quality will get a nice boost so whether its late 2016 or some time in 2017 it is definitely going to be a welcome addition to Pokemon Go. What are some features that you might want or excited about when moving toward the next generation of Pokemon?

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Jul 20, 2016 1:15:29 AM

Pokemon Go: IVs, CP, and You

By Duncan Thomas 2 years ago No comments

Pokemon games have always kept a secret set of stats from the players, and Pokemon Go keeps on this tradition, however; in Pokemon Go all stats are hidden except for the CP(Combat Power) and Health. The truth is that both of these rely on 3 hidden stats that we now know about, and how to find.

Pokemon Go: Pokemon Tracker Gets a New Look

By Duncan Thomas 2 years ago No comments

The Pokemon Go tracker has been a problem for a few weeks now. At first it was stuck on 3 steps away, then no steps, now it seems that Niantic are working to not only fix, but also improve the broken feature.

Pokemon Go: Keeping on Track

By Duncan Thomas 2 years ago No comments

Pokemon Go became a reason for many people to get out and be active. For others like myself it just became a way for them to double down on their weight loss efforts.

Pokemon Go: Pokevision We Hardly Knew Ye

By Duncan Thomas 2 years ago No comments

It was a shock to all Pokemon Go players when Niantic told all third party Pokemon trackers to shut down their websites, and apps. None were more loved and used than the original Pokevision, but after these apps were taken down the one question that remained on people’s minds was, why?

Pokemon Go: One Month Later

By Duncan Thomas 2 years ago No comments

Now that we are coming up on the one month anniversary of Pokemon Go being released its just about time to look at some of the progress and problems that popped up on the road to becoming a Pokemon Master.

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