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5 Gyarados to your Desired Weight

By Duncan Thomas 2 years ago No comments

Pokemon Go is sweeping the nation and with its rise in popularity have come a large number of weight loss stories. Even people new to the Pokemon series have been going outside and getting active in their quest to fill the pokedex. It has been no different for me. As someone who has battled with my own weight my whole life I understand the difficulty in motivation to stay active even when committed to a diet. When Pokemon Go was released I my own weight loss efforts were slowing down. While my weight loss was steady even with diet and regular exercise I was losing about one pound every two weeks if I were lucky.

Within three days of the release of Pokemon Go I had already logged was over 60 kilometers in game just wondering around Philadelphia. While this is certainly an above average amount it was the shock my system needed, and I have continued at that pace. Now with the game having been out for just over a week my weight loss was jumping forward, having lost 10 pounds in the first week. While this rate will no doubt drop down again there is something in Pokemon Go that was missing from other workouts for me. It is engaging and rewarding more immediately than the slow progress made in your weight loss goals.

For me the drive to keep on walking, and keep playing came from some self set goals. At first all I wanted was a Gyarados. I thought that if I were to spend the time to catch all of those Magikarp then I would certainly be well on my way to keeping fit. I expected that it would take me about a week, but by the end of the second day I had my candies saved up and my first Gyarados was born. The next morning I was so excited by my morning weigh in that I decided I would keep the cycle going. While the ten pounds I have lost is still a long stretch from my actual weight loss goal, Pokemon Go has given me a more reliable workout and I plan of keeping at it not only until my goal weight, but also as an aid at keeping the weight off. All the rare or strong Pokemon I catch or hatch are the rewards for my work on the way to my target weight.

It is important to note that while I was already two months into a workout program there are many who have used the release of Pokemon Go as their reason to get started and a number of these people have begun to post about the effect that Pokemon has had on them. I have seen many of these posts be met with a lot of negative responses about how those people need to find a real reason to workout, or how they should stop eating so much before they post about any real life changes. This kind of response is not something that should be given to those doing their best to better their lives. It is important to give any advice to them as a friend wanting to see them succeed in their weight loss and not as someone who knows better than them. Pokemon Go has gotten them started on the road to health, as it has helped me stay on that road, and while we are only one week in we do not want people getting discouraged before they really get started.

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