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A Beginners Guide to Pokemon Go

By Duncan Thomas 2 years ago No comments

Recently a new smartphone app has taken the nation, and the world, by storm, and if you have turned on the TV or looked at your facebook feed recently you will likely have heard about Pokemon Go. This game allows players to roam around the real world catching “Pocket Monsters”, Pokemon for short, and for many fulfills the lifelong dream of striving to become a Pokemon master in real life. Pokemon Go is the latest and greatest creation from Niantic, a company formed after a group of Google Maps employees saw a niche market in AR games that use Google Maps as the basis for the game world. A couple years after their first game, Ingress, set in a Sci-fi world, we have arrived at Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go takes the Ingress system and the complex set of real world sites that were gathered as in game focal points and, with a little help from Nintendo, brings the Pokemon world to life in ways never done before. This new game has captured the hearts and minds of both children and adults alike. If you haven’t gotten started yet but are interested in testing the waters here are some tips to help get you started

1.Meet your new Professor

As with all Pokemon titles you are assisted in the start of your journey by one of the world’s many Professors of Pokemon. This is Professor Willow here to guide you with your very first Pokemon and a few hints on how to get started on your quest to Catch ‘em All.

2. Choosing your First Pokemon

The first rite of passage for any aspiring trainer is picking your starter Pokemon. There are always three choices for your very first Pokemon companion. A water type, a fire type, and a grass type. For Pokemon Go you have the same options as the original games. Squirtle, the water type, Charmander, the fire type, and Bulbasaur, the grass type. Here is what it will look like on your screen. Just click on the one you want, and catch.

3. The Fourth Choice

In case the standard three choices aren't too your liking there is a fourth hidden option for your starter. Much like Ash Ketchum from the Pokemon show arriving late to find the original starters all taken, you can get yourself a Pikachu. To catch yourself a Pikachu as your starter then instead of clicking on a Pokemon just start walking. After a while the three of them will pop back up. If you repeat this process without catching any of them then eventually they will pop back up joined by a yellow companion, Pikachu.

4. Get Your Items From Pokestops

At every chance you get you should be spinning those pokestops for their sweet sweet items. While at first it might seem like you won't have any problems running out of pokeballs after a full day of hunting and catching our pocket sized friends you will be surprised at how many you can go through. Sitting under a well lured area you might even find yourself running out with the aid of pokestops.

5. Catch Everything

Seeing as you will be amassing a large collection of pokeballs put them to good use and catch as much as you can, even if you have them already. The evolution and power up system in this game requires a large number of candy specific to each Pokemon. You receive three candy for catching the Pokemon and another candy for transferring an extra to the professor. We don't question what he does with all of the extra.

6. Choosing a Team

At level 5 you can go to a gym to choose which of the three teams you wish to be associated with. Team Mystic represented by the legendary bird Articuno, Team Instinct represented by Zapdos, and Team Valor represented by Moltres. For the most part this division is currently a cosmetic one giving certain portions of you game a change to the new team's color scheme, but it also allows you to take and defend gyms for your team. Future updates will likely bring more uses for the team divide with some rumors suggesting that catching legendary Pokemon may be related to team events with the prevailing team's participants earning themselves the Pokemon.

7. Explore

While the game can be enjoyed slowly from inside of your home, especially if lucky enough to be within spinning distance of a pokestop it is fully intended that the players will go out and enjoy the world. Pokestops can be found in most places and more are being added for rural communities. Go out and enjoy yourselves, you might meet some new friends in the process.

When it comes down to it the current bulk of content is generated by the interactions between players and not just in the app itself. Pokemon Go is about forming communities in your area, so go out and find a park. Chances are there will be some trainers nearby. Talk, share stories, or Pokemon locations. You will likely enjoy yourself.

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