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A Pokemon Go Trainer’s Guide to Holding Gyms

A Pokemon Go Trainer’s Guide to Holding Gyms
By Duncan Thomas 2 years ago No comments

Rittenhouse square is one of the most active spots for Pokemon Go players to congregate in Philadelphia. While home to a high number of Pokestops it is more than just the promise of numerous lure modules that keeps the square so active, it is also the near constant battle waged over the gym sitting in the center of the park. While these tips may not help you to keep the Rittenhouse Gym for more than a few minutes, they will certainly help you hold your own around the rest of the city.

1. Start with a Strong Pokemon

This tip seems intuitive, but you would be surprised how often you can find people placing one of their second tier Pokemon into a gym just to preserve their fighting power for taking down more gyms. If you are hoping to hold onto a gym for long enough to cash in for the stardust and Pokecoins later then it starts with choosing the right Pokemon for the lead. It doesn’t necessarily need to be your best but you want to put in something that will both hold off opposing teams, and make your own team want to add onto the gym.

2. Bring Friends

If you are placing a strong Pokemon into the gym to start it off then chances are you will reach at least level 2 right away. This will allow your team to place an additional Pokemon at the gym. The unfortunate part of this is that you cannot add a second of your own Pokemon, so it is helpful to bring a friend or two along to get a head-start, not only making the defending force formidable, but also increasing the number of attempts at the gym it would take other teams before capturing it. Gyms become much tougher at level 7 when they have more Pokemon than a single player can fight with at a time, and only get stronger up until their strongest point, at level 10


3. Build a Smart Team

Both on offense and defense it is important to plan your team out ahead of time. For offense this means checking what Pokemon are stationed in the gym and selecting a team that either has the brute force to break through them all, or if you do not have an overwhelming CP advantage, making sure that you bring Pokemon that can win based on type advantage. For example a weaker electric type Pokemon can quickly take down a Gyarados due to its water/flying dual weakness to electric moves. On the opposite side when adding a new Pokemon to a gym’s empty slot you want to make sure that you aren’t adding too many of Pokemon type to the gym. Sure a full set of Vaporeons looks cool but it can be easily cleared by one Pokemon. A diverse team will always be more difficult to take out of a gym than a single type team. The Tilghman Street Art gym has been held for the past six days by the same group of people due to a strong and diverse team including all three of Eevee’s evolutions.

4. Practice Fights

Friendly gyms are great for more than just the fact that you get experience while boosting their renown. The single Pokemon vs full gym team format is a great way to practice fighting whether it is just practice in general or getting used to a new Pokemon’s move set. It is important to get a feel for when you should use your Pokemon’s special attack, and when you should dodge. Sure an ice type move might be strong against a dragon type Pokemon but if it never hits you then its type advantage is useless. Alternately if you spend the whole match dodging you will run the clock down without fainting many of your opponent’s Pokemon. The fighting system in Pokemon Go is a big departure from the usual turn based nature of Pokemon games and the quick pace makes practice important to taking gyms down faster.

5. Have Fun

At the end of the day you need to be able to say that you enjoyed playing the game, so don’t get too caught up in the need to take every gym or even to hold onto them. Remember that your gyms will all get taken down eventually whether it be a few minutes, or a few hours. I have had the luck to hold a gym for close to 5 days as of the writing of this post, and I honestly miss my Jolteon stationed there. Get together with friends, or go out and meet some new people and enjoy the game that brought you together. Take gyms while you can and if you need to take them back at the end of the day then so be it. Every gym that you take is more content for another group of players and vice versa.

Hopefully these basic tips help you take some prime real estate for your team. Remember to check back regularly for more tips and tricks to stay ahead in Pokemon Go.

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