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Joltiks And Momma Galvantula

By Lina Luong 2 years ago No comments

I only recently discovered Joltik, the really tiny bug/electric pokemon that's 4 inches tall and can fit in the palm of your hand! Joltik looked so adorable that I wanted to create a design for it! I added Galvantula because it looked like it would be a protective mother of its tiny offspring!

Galvantula and Joltik in Love! - Lina Luong

Above: Design by Lina Luong

The evolved form, Galvantula, looks extra cute too with those eyes!

Above: Look how tiny they are compared to that Galvantula! From the Pokemon anime. GIF from

I wanted to draw multiple Joltiks since one on a shirt didn't seem like it would be enough, so I was just trying to figure out a way to have all the Joltiks crowding around a Galvantula. I wanted the Galvantula to look calm but protective, so I decided to have it hug something while sleeping.

Even though bugs may scare a lot of people in real life, Pokemon sure makes bugs look too cute to want to squish.

You can get the design here!

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