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More Pokemon, Steven Universe, and Monster Hunter!

By Ethan Koltz 2 years ago No comments

InksterInc resident artist Lina Luong has made a suite of adorable designs for Pokemon, Steven Universe and Monster Hunter!

PokemonGO is sweeping the the nation (if you haven't noticed some of our recent blog posts) so here is our unique take on the three teams!

We like to call them in the office our PokemonGO Chicken Team designs, but either way they are adorable huh?

Continuing our work for every Pokemon to have their own design in this fashion, here is Lina's take on Blastoise!


This is one of my favorite designs here at InksterInc, just look at Blastoise's face as he is gushing water from his canons!

For this design let's take a break from the classic 151 and take a jump to Gen IV!

Look at these Piplup tripping over each other! That bottom one does not look like he is having a good day :(.

Of course this wouldn't be Pokemon if we didn't have a shiny variant for these two!

Shiny Blastoise

For those of who are super excited that new episodes of Steven Universe were released we have a new design to honor one of our favorite characters!

Nicki you did a great job of voicing her! Hope to see you as Sugilite again soon!

Lastly no 3DS game collection can be called complete without some Monster Hunter!

This guy is way more terrifying in-game huh?

All of these designs are on InksterInc right now so buy one for your or a friend today!

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