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Pokemon: A Long Way to Go

By ink blog 2 years ago No comments

As I’ve been playing Pokémon Go, I’ve come to realize that while I love the game, I can’t help but feel there are a few key features that would really help to fully immerse me into the world of Pokémon. As a result, I went online to find others who felt the same way and have compiled a list of what I think are the most important features to add in new updates. Buckle up, here we go!

1. Direct PvP. It may seem obvious, but that’s for a damn good reason. Part of being a Pokémon master is getting to fight other trainers to prove your supremacy. As much fun as it is to lay waste to a gym and claim it as your own, it lacks that human interaction. For being the first game in a while to actually help strangers to meet person to person it would make sense that moving forward Pokémon Go would go the extra mile and allow us to prove once and for all, who is the very best…like no one ever was.

2. Poke Marts/Poke Centers. We have Gyms, and that pretty amazing. But sometimes, especially when you are lower leveled, Gyms can be really hard to fight against. It kind of sucks that you have to waste a full 6 revives plus potions to get your team back up to fighting condition. I’m not saying we need to make these places easy, just existent. I would much rather walk a few blocks to get to a Poke Center and heal, then waste 6 revives. And if that is too easy, at least let me walk a few blocks and know for certain I’ll be able to find some super potions! Please?

3. Badges. This may sound silly, but damn if I don’t want something shiny for my efforts. Think about it. You take over a Gym, get a Gym Badge! Now whenever they have special events, like an Elite Four type event, if you have enough badges you can participate. It’ll encourage more Gym interaction and make the fight to keep a Gym much more exciting! Also it could be a good way to help cut down on the grinding. If you get two of the same type of badge, cash it in for candies or experience points.

4. Alt Skins. This may sound silly, but damn if I don’t want something shiny for my efforts. Come on. We all know that shiny hunting has become one of the core mechanics of any Pokémon game. Are you seriously telling me if I spend all day in a field I’m not going to be allowed to see one shiny Pokémon? How else will I be able to achieve my own real life Red Gyaradose!

5. More Generations (Obviously.) I love the originals. I do. They hold a special place in any long time Poke Fan’s heart. But as a guy who spent most of his time in the second generation I want my favorites from Johto please. My friends who grew up on the 3rd and 4th generation are also eagerly awaiting the ability to catch their favorites as well. We know that this is going to be a huge undertaking, and we’re trying to be patient…but please don’t abandon us with only 150, we deserve better than that, no? Please? I love you?

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