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Pokemon Design Showcase Part 2

By Duncan Thomas 2 years ago No comments

As always our artists are still hard at work making new designs. Today we have a new set of designs to show off and more Pokemon to introduce you too. Like before we will show off the designs as both their sketch and finished product. Hope you enjoy these, and as before all designs shown are available to be printed right onto a shirt over at

#262: Mightyena

Much like the dogs of our own world Mightyena are fiercely loyal. While a few friendly characters have been seen to use them in the anime, in both the anime and games they are often used by the members of the evil gangs. Specifically Teams Rocket and Magma have been seen using them since they were added to the roster in 3rd Generation. While often s seen being fierce or stern, they are just as affectionate as any other Pokemon.

#595/596: Joltik and Galvantula

Joltik is one of the smallest Pokemon, and is the lightest of the bug types. They are so small that unlike other electric types they don’t generate their own electricity, but instead latch onto larger Pokemon to drain their electricity. Once it evolves into Galantula it can generate its own electricity, and also becomes much larger than its pre-evolved form. Galvantula are often found in groups unlike the small Joltik which can attach to any host.

#720: Hoopa

Hoopa is a special Pokemon, taking its base form straight from the Genies of Arabian Nights, it is a Pokemon imprisoned to restrict its power. Both its appearance and its power change drastically when it is unleashed, turning it into a hulking beast with power to match. In its confined form it is often seen causing mischief, but when unleashed Hoopa is a monster even having the ability to bend space around its self. Even in the games though, it cannot stay unbound for long as its restraints will always return.

As with before all of these designs can be purchased in our shop. Come on by for these and many more, or if you have a custom design of your own that you want printed.

InksterInc is a Philadelphia based Tee Shirt company located on 4th and South Street. It is a place for artists to explore their talents and grow. Anyone can submit their work on our website and we’ll promote and sell it for them! 20% of each sale goes back to the artist - artists keep the rights to their work. We do Direct to Garment printing on the best 100% Ring Spun Cotton tees, tanks, crewnecks and hoodies - plus canvas totes!

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Jul 20, 2016 1:15:29 AM

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