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Pokemon Go: Keeping on Track

By Duncan Thomas 2 years ago No comments

Pokemon Go became a reason for many people to get out and be active. For others like myself it just became a way for them to double down on their weight loss efforts. The thing is that the game isn't just some switch that you hit to become healthy. That is to say that even with my own efforts involving large amounts of exercise outside of Pokemon Go, and a reasonably heavy diet, weight loss is slow and requires a lot of work.

I stated previously that the game was a great way to get out and start your journey towards a healthy lifestyle, and I stand by that, but its been a month and the game alone won't keep everybody who took the first step on track. If you have used Pokemon Go as a reason to start exercising it may be the time to up your routine.

I currently start take a 14 mile bike ride every other day to make sure that I keep active and combine this with a very strict diet. Those who just want to get healthier don't need to be as strict as I am, but controlling your eating is important if weight loss is a goal. The bike ride also does not need to be as long, or even a bike ride, but setting yourself up with some exercise that doesn't involve Pokemon Go now will provide you with a routine that you will be more likely to keep if you even decide to step away from Pokemon. This is an important thing to realize that all the exercise you get during the game is more focused on the game time, and that you likely won't keep that motivation when you stop playing, so setting up an extra session of exercise every day or every other day will help to keep this in check.

In the end I still think that Pokemon Go has a lot to offer those who find it hard to get started with exercising or even those with some social anxiety. I just want to make sure that those people are not starting out just to stop their progress when they eventually tire of the game. I know the struggles of trying to lose weight, and the first month or two are the most difficult, and I have seen first hand how it helped me continue towards the end of my first month of change, and how it helped others get started at all. Keep on the path, and work towards a healthier you.

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Jul 20, 2016 1:59:43 AM

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