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Pokémon GO: Go Nuts & Catch ‘em All! P.S. Play Responsibly!

By Aakriti Pandey 2 years ago No comments

If you aren’t one of the rare species (pun intended), to have been living a cold & isolated life in the far North-Pole, and then you have heard of Pokémon GO. If you’ve heard of it, then you’ve been intrigued, downloaded the game, possibly got hit by the server crash, waited patiently, and have been in the run since to catch them all!

They say what you see is an outcome of how you look at something. The color of your glasses prescribes your version of the image, and therefore, it influences your version of the story.

Pokémon GO is the subject of the theory here.

Since the game was released earlier this month, Pokémon GO has been getting all sorts of exposures. And they’ve been in the form of both good and bad. From the pre-release advertisements, to the overnight hype in social media. From Pikachu making the first appearance in the news, to the broadcasting of some sad stories (of the virtual world’s effect on real lives of people). In one form or the other, Pokémon GO has been the talk of the town.

As much as we can brood over some mishaps and talk about the bad things, I choose to focus on the good. There’ve been so many ‘thank you’ stories from across the world directed towards the game, that its almost unprecedented in the world of gaming. From thankful parents who are delighted at their kids ditching the computer screens for Poke-hunting, to overjoyed spouses in seeing their boyfriends/girlfriends OFF the couch. From parents having real conversations with their teenaged kids, to strangers making real interactions in public ‘Poke-gym’s. From people finally being ‘inspired’ to walk miles around Central Park to catch the ‘rare Poke-species’, to people reporting losing weight as a side-effect. From ‘Poke-trainers’ connecting with one another and embracing the diversity, to teenage kids dropping the 24x7 headphones for a simple app that wants one thing from you, and one thing only: ‘to catch them all’. Pokémon GO is a game that has brought about active participants, and not just passive consumers.

Although there is nothing so negative about the game itself, we’ve heard some terrible stories come from players across the world.

Two men in their 20s have fallen off the cliff. One user fell into a ditch while playing, and fractured a foot. One player ended up stumbling upon a dead body while trying to catch a water Pokémon. One player burnt herself with hot coffee while trying to capture a Pokémon that appeared on her scrambled eggs. One Reddit user reported being ‘almost’ abducted while searching for Pokémon in the wee AM hours. Some have organized a robbery by creating a Pokémon beacon to lure the unsuspecting victims. The list is long.


Finding ourselves in trouble is nothing unique to Pokémon GO. People used to fall off the cliff while flying a kite back in the days when Kites were a thing.

The answer is in always being alert, cautious, attentive, careful, respectful, courteous, and observant.

Pokémon GO is a modest game that’s broken through gender, age, race, class, and color barriers. It’s a very soothing and oh-so- simple game that’s pulled people off some other aggressive and violent games like “Call of Duty”, “Grand Theft Auto”, and “Halo”. And finally, it’s a game that brings back some dear childhood memories for many of us, and as a result, players are getting deeply connected and gravitated towards the Poke-Species very fast.

So whichever team you choose, be safe, be respectful to other people’s territory, and go nuts! Catch ‘em all!

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