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Pokemon Go: IVs, CP, and You

By Duncan Thomas 2 years ago No comments

Pokemon games have always kept a secret set of stats from the players, and Pokemon Go keeps on this tradition, however; in Pokemon Go all stats are hidden except for the CP(Combat Power) and Health. The truth is that both of these rely on 3 hidden stats that we now know about, and how to find. The stats that govern your Pokemon’s CP and effectiveness are attack, defense, and stamina. They differ between every Pokemon you catch, and while it may take some extra time to get the perfect Pokemon for your team, it is well worth the effort.

When looking at the CP there are some things to note. Not all species of Pokemon are created equal. They each have a different CP per level which highly effects their maximum CP even with perfect IV’s. Webjunkies have a great list showing off the Cp/level of all available Pokemon and sorted by tiers. There are others out there also. It is important to factor these numbers into your choice of Pokemon because it will effect how high your Pokemon will be able to reach, with a Dragonite reaching a maximum of 3500 CP and all other non-legendaries falling below that mark. Any Pokemon in their S or A tiers with the correct IV’s will be able to reach very high numbers. While CP is important, make sure that you are also taking into account Pokemon types and move sets, a blog on these is coming up soon.

Next is to actually find your Pokemon’s IV’s. There are a number of calculators, some that do a lot of the work for you, others that take a bit more work but are a bit more accurate. Poke Assistant is one of the more intuitive websites to offer this service making it as simple as plugging in the Pokemon, CP, Stardust per powerup, and Health. Most Pokemon will have a spread of options so it will often take some narrowing down.

Once you have found your IVs you will have the decision to make on whether or not you want to fully level and evolve that Pokemon, it is all your choice but here is one tip. A Pokemon with a max possible IV of anything less than 80% will likely not be worth the stardust so if your first options range from 60-80% IVs then I would leave them alone. If the spread ranges from something like 75-93% IVs then you have a Pokemon which will likely be worth narrowing down the IVs of and possibly leveling up further.

Have you found any exceptional Pokemon? How about a low CP Chansey that breaks the mould on the CP list? Let us know in the comments.

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