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Pokémon Go: Living in Harmony

By ink blog 2 years ago No comments

Like many of my fellow Pokemon Trainers I have chosen to join the best team of them all. The one true team. The team that the other two teams wish they could be. We are simply, and without need of further evidence, the best now and forever. The trouble comes you see, because my roommate, whom I love dearly, has chosen a lesser a team, a wrong team if you will. At first I was deeply saddened at the loss of so good a friend. How could I live with someone who in a genuine sense must be a terrible person? The thought troubled me deeply.

As the week progressed I realized my initial summation of the situation was horribly askew. My roommate, my simple, innocent, wrong-team roommate, was not an inherently bad person, just a misguided one. If our relationship was going to survive I was going to need to find a way to live with our current situation. As such, I began to devise a plan of action moving forward. I am now a true master of living with a wrong-team roommate and am here to share my knowledge with you all, should you find yourself in so terrible a situation. Here is what you must do in 3 easy to follow steps!

Step 1: Only discuss your trainer accomplishments. You can’t say things anymore like, “My team beat that gym,” or “My team is going to be the last team standing when your pathetic excuse for a team crumples under its own lack of self-worth.” That will offend your roommate. You must not try to purposely offend them, even when the things you say are 100% the truth. Talk about things like the Pokémon you’ve caught or the levels you’ve earned. Never talk about how well you are doing from a team perspective though, as this will not end well.

Step 2: Keep all team affiliated gear/banners/swag in your room and/or out of the house. If you are going to walk around in your team’s brilliantly designed logo, try not to parade it in front of weaker designed teams. Keep your giant team flags in your room or above a private area of the house. Display your proud team swag and shirts in public areas, areas where your team’s dominance is already obvious and others, especially your roommate, cannot detest your natural brilliance.

Step 3: Most importantly, be patient with your roommate. They are clearly not in a good place in their life. The shock of having chosen the wrong team will shortly set in on them, and when it happens, they are going to need you. Be there for them. Be there to hold them while they cry in the bathroom and finally admit the shinning glory of your proper team choice. Let them know that even though this may be a hard spot in your relationship, that you forgive them, and are willing to help them get past it, after all, admitting it is the hardest step.

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