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Pokemon Go: Movesets and Maximization

By Duncan Thomas 2 years ago No comments

In Pokemon Go there are many factors that go into what makes a Pokemon strong, and while things like CP and Health are fairly obvious the moves a Pokemon has are just as important, but also less clear. Here are some tips on finding the right moves for your Pokemon. The reason that a Pokemons moves are harder to rank is that you only get a small piece of information from the game. It tells you type and damage, but not all moves at the same damage give out the same damage per second(DPS). Each move in the game has its own unique animation, and the longer the animation the lower the DPS is going to be.

This is why Vaporeon was originally so good. With a guaranteed water gun as its first move, and the old water gun's stats of 10 damage at a .5 second animation its damage was much higher than anything else in the game. The water gun nerf actually rebalanced a large number of Pokemon that could learn water gun.

The last factor that determines an attack's worth is the amount of energy it gives towards your Pokemon's special attack. This varies from each move, yet is not as important compared to the attack's flat damage. Going forward we are going to use some data from The Silph Road to help point out our top picks for quick and special attacks for your Pokemon.

For quick attacks the absolute best are pound, metal claw, and psycho cut, all having above 12 damage per second. Scratch, water gun, wing attack, bite, and dragon breath all hit exactly 12 DPS so they are just as good for taking an opponent down quickly. All of these moves grant the same amount of energy for your special attack.

When talking about special attacks it is important to note that on top of the damage and speed of the animation you must also look at the energy cost per attack. Because of energy cost there are some options that may have a high DPS but will not be usable very often compared to a lower DPS alternative. Cross chop, stone edge, blizzard, body slam, and power whip are the top five DPS special attacks, but body slam is the only attack of the five to cost 50 energy instead of the full 100. This means that while it is losing 5 DPS you can use it twice often.

Overall it takes a lot of trial and error to find a move set that you like, but these tips will put you on the right path to get started. Check back for more tips towards making your dream team and let us know any favorite move combinations in the comments.

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