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Pokemon Go: One Month Later

By Duncan Thomas 2 years ago No comments

Now that we are coming up on the one month anniversary of Pokemon Go being released its just about time to look at some of the progress and problems that popped up on the road to becoming a Pokemon Master. While this month has been filled with highs and lows for both Niantic and players alike a lot of progress has been made towards making this game something great. So what did happen in Pokemon Go’s first month

1. Access for All Regions

The original launch of Australia followed by the US was only a small portion of the total reach of the game. While launches to new regions were rocky, and often ended in large lengths of server downtime eventually Niantic did bring Pokemon Go to the world, and since then servers have only gotten more stable.

2. Character Customization

One of the additions in the most recent patch was the ability to customize your avatar from your trainer page. This feature was highly sought after not only for a better way to express yourself but also by those who chose colors for their avatar that do not match the team they later chose. If you have been on your Facebook recently you will likely have seen a slew of posts from people showing off their new look in game.

3. Pokemon Tracker Broken then Removed

On launch the Pokemon tracker in the bottom right of the screen had a few problems but as a whole was a great way to find the Pokemon which surround you. After an update a couple of weeks ago this changed. In an attempt to help ease the servers Niantic changed some of the code related to player tracking and as a result while Pokemon would still show up on your tracker, they would all be a permanent 3 steps away. This made Pokemon near impossible to find using the radar. In the meantime a number of apps and website popped up using the Pokemon Go API to determine locations of Pokemon for you. The most popular, Pokevision, has since shut down, almost simultaneously with the “fix” for the 3 step bug from Niantic. Instead of having everything at 3 steps, we get none, and so the nearby Pokemon list is just a pictured list of what may be around you. Hopefully they will fix it in a coming patch but for now hunting down those last few Pokemon will be a lot harder.

4. Communities are Getting Organized

The teams are all getting organized between each other, but even across team lines players are grouping together and getting outside for some fun. This is great to see because in the end it is going to be the connections made between players that will keep Pokemon Go alive in the long term. More Pokemon and extra features will bring in small increases but its the players and get togethers that will keep Pokemon Go on the radar. Are there any events coming up in your area?

5. Dataminers Gave Us More Insight Into the Game

While some may brush it off as trivial, knowing the potential of a Pokemon from the get go is crucial to quickly training up a winning team. Luckily at this point we don’t need to guess, we have the numbers. A number of players managed to get into the game files and find out a lot about the stats that our Pokemon have, as well as how to calculate them for each Pokemon you catch. With more information on your Pokemon’s Attack, Defense, and Stamina you can determine more accurately what it will look like when fully evolved and powered up.

This has been a busy month and these are only a few of the big milestones, or problems, that have happened in Pokemon Go. Hopefully some of the more desired features like battling and trading are coming soon, but in the meantime we will just have to wait. Is there anything that you think should be added to the list? Let us know down below.

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