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Pokemon Go: Pokemon Tracker Gets a New Look

By Duncan Thomas 2 years ago No comments

The Pokemon Go tracker has been a problem for a few weeks now. At first it was stuck on 3 steps away, then no steps, now it seems that Niantic are working to not only fix, but also improve the broken feature. The feature has now become the sightings feature, and is still being worked on.

With promises of a revamp to the nearby section’s look, and functionality Niantic seem to be working away to provide players with a feature that is functional and intuitive. I think that the new look with grass instead of paw prints looks rather sleek and is an improvement over the original, whats needed now is for it to work as intended. There is also a subset of the player base who have been given a preview of the next steps taken in the Pokemon tracker. These players see both the nearby and sightings section with nearby seemingly showing the Pokemon’s nearest pokestop.

Hopefully this revamp is what is needed to get Pokemon Go back on track. The absence of this feature has been a big negative for the app in its first month and going forward they are going to need to fix it to keep the players who remember when the original version of the tracker worked.

This update came with more welcome bug fixes to hold us over until the new tracker is complete. Curveballs have been made more accurate, the “nice”, “great”, and “excellent” throws have been fixed to help get those hard catches, and battery saver mode has been fixed and re-added into the game. The last big addition is that a one time name change is now allowed, so choose wisely.

While the road still looks rocky, it is clear that Niantic are working hard to live up the the expectations for their app, and I am looking forward to see what gets added moving forward. What are the features that you would like to see added next?

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