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Pokemon Go: Pokevision We Hardly Knew Ye

By Duncan Thomas 2 years ago No comments

It was a shock to all Pokemon Go players when Niantic told all third party Pokemon trackers to shut down their websites, and apps. None were more loved and used than the original Pokevision, but after these apps were taken down the one question that remained on people’s minds was, why? While Niantic are no open book with communication they did attempt to tackle this question and it will be up to everyone individually to decide if it was a worthwhile trade.

Poke vision was a web based app that allowed trainers to find nearby Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Following the bug that rendered the nearby Pokemon tracker useless it was a welcome sight to be able to see exactly where, and for approximately how long a Pokemon would be on your map. While switching back and forth between the two apps was a little extra work the payoff was peace of mind as you would catch all nearby Pokemon of worth. Sadly it was short lived as Niantic quickly requested that Pokevision, and its numerous copycat apps be shut down.

The official line from Niantic is that the shutdown of the third party apps was a move towards sustained server stability. They even provided a nifty graph(shown above) to illustrate the significant drop in server resource drain that followed the deactivation of the third party tracking apps. This does make sense from a server stand point. If the server load was truly being affected by the extra requests from the massive user load of these 3rd party apps then it could have been leading back to how playable Pokemon Go is at any given time. Niantic claim that not only was this the case, but also that the resources being diverted to keep the servers stable under the increased load were taking important staff away from fixing more pressing bugs, or prepping upcoming updates.

The one sad part in all of this is that as of the most recent update we still do not have a working tracker, Niantic having opted to remove the feature rather than let the 3 step bug continue. So without a tracker either from the developer or 3rd party sources we are left without a means of finding those elusive Pokemon that pop up on the nearby list, and will have to rely on luck and lures for the time being. With any luck they will make good use of the extra server stability and get the ball rolling on fixing the tracking feature, only time will tell.

In the meanwhile gather together and find yourselves some pokestops to lure while we wait out these dark times. The one thing that we have gained through this episode is Niantic have become much more vocal about their process on Twitter, and this new seemingly transparent attitude is definitely a step in the right direction when keeping the player base happy.

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