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Pokemon Go: Teams Insstinct, Mystic, Valor ... and Harmony?

By Duncan Thomas 2 years ago No comments

In Pokemon Go one of your earliest decisions short of choosing a name and a starting Pokemon is which team you want to side with Each team has its own merits based on which of Professor Willow's three assistants it is lead by. When introduced to the teams and the leaders your choices are set as follows.

Team Instict

Led by Spark Team instinct believe that Pokemon are born with inherent strength and believe that trusting in that strength is what will lead them to victory in their battles. For those who like to go with their gut, or like the legendary bird, Zapdos, this may be the team for you. You also get to rock a swanky yellow emblem.

Team Mystic

Blanche leads Team Mystic and is the brainiac of Professor Willow's assistants. Unlike Spark Blanche believe that a Pokemon's true power can only be tapped into through evolution. They are dedicated to observation and understanding. If you like to gather data and find out the reasons why things tick, or maybe just like the icy legendary Articuno then you will fit in among this team.

Team Valor

Lastly we get to Team Valor, lead by Candela. Valor are all about raising a Pokemon up and training it to be the best. A large focus is put on bonding with their Pokemon to help unlock their strength. If you think that your starter should be with you for the long haul, and not traded for a single piece of candy, then Valor may be your choice.

These teams give a bit of a competitive spirit to the game and allow you to take gyms from opposing teams, or train at friendly gyms. Seeing as the only battle system in Pokemon Go is currently the gym battle system the access to this system can also provide a good deal of content for you, but as will all divisions came some conflict outside of the game. In the interest of preserving the relationships of the teams some players have begun to represent their own 4th option for a team.

Team Harmony was Born

Flying under the banner of Lugia and taking their name straight from a Pokemon 2000 quote Team Harmony players see themselves as peacekeepers of sorts. While those who choose this path sometimes have differing views on how to act as a member of Team Harmony the whole thing seems akin to being in the Knights guard. Not so much the swearing off women but very much the part about holding no land. Some players refuse to choose a team at all, opting to level and play the game(at least for now) without the ability to battle with other trainers., Others believe that it is their duty to try and keep gyms neutral, and to do so join a team to take down opposing gyms, but not put their Pokemon in as a replacement. I even met one player who simply takes pictures of the Pokemon he meets around him, and has yet to catch a single Pokemon other than his starter regardless of how rare an encounter he has.

Whether it be swearing off battle, or pretending you are playing a real life version of Pokemon Snap, it is inspiring to see people take their own path in a game like this. Whole online communities are coming together for all teams, including Harmony and I am eager to see what becomes of the movement.

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