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Pokemon Go: Vaporeon We Choose You!

By Duncan Thomas 2 years ago No comments

Ever since the Pokemon Games were released for the gameboy 20 years ago Eevee and it’s evolutions, lovingly referred to as eeveelutions, have been among the most popular Pokemon. It was no surprise when Pokemon Go was released that these four were still as popular as ever, however; now that the game has been out for a few weeks a clear favorite is beginning to emerge from the 3 eeveelutions. It appears that not all eeveelutions are created equal after all.

Vaporeon is blessed with a number of things that make it perfect for attacking and above average in defending in Pokemon Go. The first are its base stats. Among all 151 Pokemon Vaporeon ranks 13th in overall stats. With 6 of the Pokemon above it being legendaries, and the rest being full evolutions, or much rarer sights(such as Gyarados) it is also one of the most available Pokemon at the top of the rankings, especially when you take into account that an Eevee only requires 25 candy to evolve unlike the 400 that you would need for a Gyarados.

Next is it’s move set. Of all of the moves in Pokemon Go water gun falls into the fastest category, meaning that it has the potential to do among the highest damage in the game. This means that while a few of the currently available Pokemon may rank ahead of it in terms of stats they may struggle to keep up with the damage it outputs anyway. Those who are lucky enough to have a Dragonite may not have to worry about this due to higher stats and dragon pulse, but a Snorlax will have a hard time outperforming a Vaporeon while attacking a gym. While the nerf to water gun from 10 damage down to 6 will bring Vaporeon more in line with other Pokemon it will still enjoy a spot among the top attackers.

When defending with a Vaporeon, while not as effective, its high health allows it to stick around longer in each battle giving your gym a better shot at sticking around. While not quite as high health as a Chansey, who can have over 300 health by 450Cp, most 1500 and above Vaporeons will have 150 or more health putting them quite far above the other eeveelutions. Whether you are waiting for your last candy, or just training your Vaporeon up it is clear that they are an advantage to have on any attacking team, and can also provide a competitive boost to your defense.

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