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Pokemon GO: Week One in Review

By ink blog 2 years ago No comments

As the sun sets on Pokémon Go’s first week I think it is important to reflect on our timeline so far. Released on July 6th, Niantic gifted us with the cultural revolution that is Pokémon Go. In less than 24 hours it had topped the American App Store charts. In less than 7 days’ time it was able to captivate the world. Beyond that glory of the app though sprang up its own funny anecdotes and controversies. I’ve take the liberty of highlighting some of the more impressive ones below.

1. The servers died more times than Sean Bean in any given movie.

2. Police in Darwin urge players to stop walking into police station and just catch Sandshrew outside.

3. A fire house also complained that people need to stop walking inside of their buildings.

4. 19-year-old girl in Wyoming discovered a dead body while searching for Pokémon.

5. A man’s house in Massachusetts use to be a church before being remodeled into a house. Now it’s a Pokémon Gym and people have been loitering outside of it for a week

6. 11 teens from Missouri were tricked into a lured Poke-Stop causing them to get robbed at gun point by four individuals in a large vehicle.

7. One dude fell off his skate board. One girl fell in a hole. One girl tripped over a cinderblock. Incidents of injury also include revolving doors, walking into desks, and general people to people collisions

8. Memes. Have you checked Facebook recently?

9. The entire country became split over the colors red, blue, and yellow.

10. The Westboro Baptist Church has been made a gym and taken over by Clefairy. This lovable pink goofball is named, “Love is Love.” In attempt to dethrone it they trained a Jigglypuff.

11. Uber and Lyft drivers have started to offer slow moving drives for people to catch Pokémon while on the go.

12. A fake news story about a multi-car pileup was released gaining serious traction before being debunked.

13. Hospital patients have been using the game to fight crippling boredom and interact with the hospital setting in a positive way

14. Numerous Pokémon, namely Squirtle, Magikarp, and a Diglett have been appearing in people’s toilets. Even more Pokémon than that have been caught on the toilet.

15. No sign of MissingNo.

So there it is. Week 1. Literally 7 days’ worth of utter-beautiful-chaos from a single app. The Pokémon Go app has gotten hard-core fans a chance to live out their dreams, casual fans a way to make the walk to work a little bit more interesting, and given new fans an opportunity explore the amazing world of Pokémon in guilt free semi-socially acceptable way. Its given us laughs, ooo’s, ahhs, some wtfs, and a few hour long conversations about the superiority of our own chosen team. It’s truly been a magical ride. There hasn’t been this much group collaboration since the challenging days of Twitch Plays Pokémon. All hail the Helix Fossil.

I’ll see you folks, in the weeks to come! Keep up the training.

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