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Pokémon Go: Why Now?

By ink blog 2 years ago No comments

I, like many of my fellow trainers, have been in the game since ’96. We are o.g.’s of the Kanto region, natives of the Johto region, and avid swimmers of the Hoenn region. We have given a greater part of our childhoods to pocketing monsters, talking to Nurse Joy three too many times, and forcing Dittos to breed with anything and everything. So naturally when our greatest fantasy of a real world Pokémon game came to full fruition we were over joyed to sign up. Its why despite constant server failures, draining batteries, and Zubats we’ve stuck with it as the weeks have progressed. My questions with all of this though is simple…why is everyone else doing it?

So many of my friends would have scoffed at me if I was walking around with my Nintendo D.S. playing Pokémon a mere month ago. They would have laughed, and told me that Pokémon is for kids. There are people who have never ripped open a trading card packet, never owned a Gameboy, barely know who Ash Ketchum is who are now fully entrenched in the throes of their Pokémon Go mission. Now I would like to clarify that I am in no way saying these people shouldn’t be interested. Pokémon has always given itself over as a culture of inclusion and I for one welcome our new members of the Poke-family.

The point I aim to make, or rather to create, is a dialogue as to why now? What about Pokémon Go has so acted as a catalyst to these first timers, and believe me, there are a number of them. I’m not even talking about those that played generation 1 or generation 2 and have recently come back to it. I’m talking about true Poke-virgins. If we can better understand what has so converted these seemingly unaffiliated individuals perhaps we can find a way to introduce more of our beloved media into a more popular standing.

Picture if you will, a world where all of nerd/geek-dom wasn’t as openly dismissed out right. If Pokémon, pure and simple Pokémon, could break its way into the hearts of even the coldest culturally elite, then why can’t other beloved icons like…Firefly? DnD? My Little…well… lets not start a flame war. Again, my point is, why is it that we live in a world where this is a surprise to us. Whenever we find out something nerdy about a celebrity for example it’s a huge shock. Like Vin Diesel for example, before he was Groot in 50+ languages, he was seen as a rough tough action hero who, “Whoa, Major news, also plays DnD…CRAZY!”

If anything, this whole excursion should teach us that deep down we are all a little bit nerdy. True, we can’t expect every girl we meet to be Felicia Day or every guy we meet to be Chris Hardwick, but that doesn’t mean we can’t expect a little more give on certain issues. Pokémon is for kids? No sir and/or madam, your lack of internal understanding and overly simplified view system of the world is for children. Good day sir and/or madam. I SAID GOOD DAY.

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