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Pokemon Go: Your Eggs and You

By Duncan Thomas 2 years ago No comments

Almost done hatching your next 5km egg in Pokemon Go? Maybe you are waiting for your next 10km egg. One thing that can be said for certain is that if you have put any time into Pokemon Go then you are paying a lot of attention to your egg collection, and going the distance to hatch them. Whether you have 9 incubators running or just your infinite use incubator here are some tips to help you find your next 10km egg, or just get the most out of the eggs you have.

Almost as soon as Pokemon Go was released we began to see people tracking what came out of their eggs. Because of this we now have an accurate understanding of what can come out of our eggs and what we can expect to come with them. While there are a few versions of the egg hatch chart going around this cleaned up version was put together by redditor BrkIt.

This chart gives us a few nice pieces of information starting with the fact that all starters including Pikachu are available in the 2km egg category. This makes them easily available and also helps to provide candies for their evolutions, as every egg hatched will give you between 3 and 35 candy for that Pokemon. In some lucky instances you could get a starter and evolve it right away. The 2nd is that we know which of the rarer Pokemon in the game require a 10km egg to hatch. This means if you have finished that section of the list in your pokedex then you won't need to rush through your 10km eggs just to fill out the 151. And of course the nice clean presentation simply makes it easier to find out what egg you need to hatch when looking for specific Pokemon.

Next it is important to get through your eggs in an efficient order. If you aren't trying to find a specific Pokemon then make sure to get through your 2km eggs first. And if possible use your infinite incubator for them. The 3 use incubators are rare to acquire by level and expensive to buy so you might as well use them on your longer eggs. This way you make sure to get through your eggs or all kinds, but also make sure that your 2km eggs are cluttering up your inventory. Hatching your 2km eggs will also give you a nice boost in stardust.

When hatching your eggs it's important to note that the game will only record your movement under 10km/hour so sometimes it might not track while on a bike. Until the Pokemon Go Plus wristband comes out we don't have any way to hatch our eggs without having our phone open either. Make sure that you are careful while hatching eggs if on a bike not just to stay under the required speed but also to stay alert. We don't need any trainers getting hurt over an egg. Some more creative trainers have been coming up with more outlandish ways to hatch their eggs without going outside, but while taping your phone to a model train set or your box fan may work well we don't recommend it.

If you want to make sure that your Pokemon are hatching at their best then you can always save the rarer eggs till you hit level 20. After 20 all eggs will hatch at their best and stop scaling. This is a small silver lining seeing as after 20 your progress towards next levels slows a lot, it's helpful that we start hitting the caps on something, even if it's just eggs. I hope these tips help, while basic they do help you get through your eggs and hopefully hatch some Pokemon that your needed.

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