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Sun Lion Vs. Moon Bat

By Ethan Koltz 2 years ago No comments

With the new Pokemon game a little under a year away, last week’s trailer gave us an amazing sneak peak about the upcoming release of Pokemon Sun and Moon. This trailer gave us an overhead view of the new region as well introduced some of the important characters for the story. All this information is cool, but I think the highlight would have to be how the trailer opened up... The two new legendaries, the figureheads of Sun and Moon respectively, were revealed! Solgaleo and Lunala were shown off in all their legendary glory and we have the details here at InksterInc!


Let’s take a look at Solgaleo, a metal lion with what appears to be a six beam sun being made by his mane, who takes nothing from nobody. In the trailer when Salamence uses intimidate, Solgaleo felt no effect because of his Full Metal Body and just shrugs it off. Now that is badass. And how about that roar? It kind of sounds like a lion’s roar, but can you hear that metal bass? That is an awesome sound coming from those pipes. And rounding it all out is his unique attack, Sunsteel Strike. From the video it looks like Solgaleo uses the power of the sun to charge this destructive attack as he dives at his victim. Salamence had no chance against this destructive new Psychic/Steel Pokemon.


Lunala at first didn’t really register as much with me, because let’s be honest: he was going against a metal sun lion. He has grown on me quite a bit since first seeing him. When we first see him in-game I love how there is a sway in the light on his wings bringing my attention to the fact that he is a Psychic type. Although I am not exactly sure why he is a Ghost type (perhaps the story will flesh that out) the bat-like features of Lunala’s body are a really cool design. That Moongeist Beam looks as beautiful as it is deadly as Lunala makes what appears like a full moon in the sky before absolutely destroying that poor Gengar.

Who is as excited as InksterInc to play the new Pokemon games?! Do you think these legendaries are friends or foes in the upcoming stories? Do you think Solgaleo or Lunala could hold their own in a fight against Arceus? In the coming weeks we will have new designs so you can support what team you are, whether that be the sun or the moon. Leave your comments below!

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