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‚Äč10 Facts About Our New Category!

By Nina DeLucia 2 years ago No comments

We're starting to fill out our new, most requested category - Studio Ghibli! In celebration, here are 10 facts about Hayao Miyazaki and his studio.

Spirited Away - Japanese Poster

5 Ghibli Characters We Want To See On a Tee

By Nina DeLucia 2 years ago No comments

Studio Ghibli's characters are known for their unique designs and personalities - the opportunities for tee designs feel endless! Here's a list of our top 5 characters we're practically begging to see in our new category:

Howl's Moving Castle

By Leon Cui 2 years ago No comments

We've been working hard to fill our new Miyazaki category with fun designs! Check out this one for an old but great film:

Howl's Moving Castle - by SnowBunny

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