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What's YOUR Favorite Eeveelution?

By Nina DeLucia 2 years ago No comments

Which team are you on?

(P.S. - click the images to preview it on your favorite color tee!)


Team Flareon - by Greg Wright

Or Jolteon?

Team Jolteon - by Greg Wright

Perhaps Vaporeon?

Team Vaporeon - by Greg Wright

Do you have a dark side that feels a deep connection with Umbreon?

Team Umbreon - by Greg Wright

No? So Espeon, then?

Team Espeon - by Greg Wright

NO? Well there's Glaceon...?

Team Glaceon - by Greg Wright

Sylveon, too!

Team Sylveon - by Greg Wright

Maybe you love Leafeon!

Team Leafeon - by Greg Wright

OH! You're a purist and you love all Eevees the way they are! (Me too!)

Team Eevee - by Greg Wright

Maybe you've seen these on our Etsy store already? We've just welcomed them to our home site! This collection of awesome designs is by the wonderful Greg Wright. TIP: you can browse our home site by artist!

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